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WOW: Trump Get’s Great News – Americans Cheering

WOW: Trump Get’s Great News – Americans Cheering
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(breitbart) – Former President Donald Trump enjoys a national lead against His Fraudulency Joe Biden in a potential 2024 rematch.

In 2020, Biden (allegedly) beat Trump by 4.5 points nationally. Polling at the time, according to the RealClearPolitics (RCP) national average, suggested Trump would lose by 7.2 points. In other words, Trump out-performed the polling.

Also of note is that not once during the 2020 election did the average of RCP national polls show Trump with a lead. Throughout the campaign, the closest Trump came to Biden was a four-point deficit.

Today, the RealClearPolitics poll of national polls shows Trump with an outright lead of 1.7 points. It bears repeating that this never happened once in 2020. Even left-wing pollsters show Trump doing well. The Marquette poll shows a tie. Quinnipiac only has Biden up two points. Rasmussen, one of the only pollsters that show Biden with a respectable approval rating, has Trump up by seven.

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If New York’s district attorney, the fascist Soros-puppet Alvin Bragg, and his allies in the Democrat party and media believed this obscene indictment of Trump would sink him, it is not showing up in the polling.

Moreover, and this should be a wake-up call to the obnoxious and insufferable types in the #OnlyDeSantis camp, Trump polls as well against Biden as the Florida governor. In a hypothetical 2024 presidential race, DeSantis enjoys an average lead against His Fraudulency of 1.6 points, compared to Trump’s 1.7.

I like both DeSantis and Trump, but the numbers are the numbers. Granted, DeSantis has not yet announced he’s running, and that could scramble to board considerably, but it could scramble it either way. The Florida governor’s interview with Piers Morgan was not impressive. He will have to come across a lot stronger and with more stature if he’s going to defeat Trump.

As far as why Trump is polling better against than Biden now as opposed to 2020, the reasons should be obvious. Biden is an unpopular incumbent who can no longer hide in his basement. Biden is president now, and his every appearance is a reminder of how dumb, frail, and dishonest he is.

What’s more, he’s doing a terrible job: energy prices, inflation, open border, war fever in Ukraine, mutilating children to appease his transvestite base…

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Something else that could scramble the board are all the tripwires Democrats and the corporate media have in place for Donald Trump. More indictments from fascist Democrat prosecutors in states like Georgia are likely.

The potential of a trial in New York early next year followed by a guilty verdict from a rigged jury… Who knows how the public will react?

We have a long, long way to go.



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