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WATCH: Tucker Exposed Biden Regime’s “Credit Score Equity” Plot In Final Monologue

WATCH: Tucker Exposed Biden Regime’s “Credit Score Equity” Plot In Final Monologue
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(trendingpoliticsnews) – In what was his final monologue, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused the Biden administration of implementing a plot to change the suburbs by getting rid of them. According to Carlson, the Democrats realized that they do not need to convince voters to vote for them anymore.

Instead, they need to import enough people from other countries who are financially dependent on them to win elections.

Carlson pointed out that suburban voters elect school boards and state legislators, and members of Congress, which is why Democrats are targeting them. Carlson cited the HOME Act, which would allow the federal government to withhold funds from local governments if they didn’t find ways to add high-density zoning to suburbs.

“This lack of diversity can introduce both conscious and unconscious biases that make home appraisals less accurate and less fair. Our administration will now require those who conduct appraisals for federal programs must take part in anti-bias, fair housing, and fair lending training,” said Vice President Kamala Harris in a clip shown on the program.

Carlson referred to HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge, who claimed that home appraisers are racist and are causing African Americans to lose great wealth just through the appraisal process. Carlson criticized Fudge’s anecdotal evidence, stating that there is no data to back up her claims.


Carlson went on to ridicule the administration’s proposed solution, saying, “We’re just gonna brainwash the home appraisers,” he said.

“If you wanted more black home appraisers, why wouldn’t you start a program to train them? The only job training program this administration’s gotten behind in two and a half years is getting black people to smoke more weed in the cities.”

Another executive order signed by Biden last week, explained as the beginning of a “social credit system,” is titled “Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All” and purportedly aims to address environmental “inequities” affecting communities of color, low-income communities, and indigenous communities.

The order also establishes a new Environmental Justice Subcommittee and Office of Environmental Justice within the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

The White House wrote:

This first version of the Environmental Justice Scorecard, or the Phase One Scorecard, presents a baseline assessment of actions taken by federal agencies in 2021 and 2022 to help achieve the Biden-Harris Administration’s environmental justice goals.

The Phase One Scorecard reports on the progress of 24 federal agencies in the following areas:

– Advancing the President’s Justice40 Initiative

– Implementing and enforcing environmental and civil rights laws

– Embedding environmental justice throughout the federal government

The Environmental Justice Strategic Plans and Assessments will be made public regularly through the Environmental Justice Scorecard. Many have raised concerns about the possibility of using social justice “credit scores” to force a woke agenda on individuals.

Carlson ended the segment by warning his viewers that if they want to keep their suburban way of life, they need to fight back against the Biden administration’s “credit score” plots. “They still plan to change the suburbs forever by getting rid of them,” he said. “If you want to keep your way of life, you need to fight back now.”



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