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WATCH: Obama Appears Finally Admits It His Plan Was…

WATCH: Obama Appears Finally Admits It His Plan Was…
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(trendingpoliticsnews) – In an interview with CBS host Nate Burleson, former President Barack Obama seemingly endorsed Australia’s approach to gun control, implying that the United States should consider confiscating guns.

Drawing a comparison between the United States and other developed countries, Obama claimed, “You know in Australia, they had one mass shooting 50 years ago and they said, ‘No, we’re not doing that anymore.’”

“That is normally how you would expect a society to respond when your children are at risk.”


Obama expressed frustration over the polarization of gun ownership as an ideological and partisan matter, remarking, “There are a lot of historical reasons for this, gun ownership in this country became an ideological issue and a partisan issue in ways that it shouldn’t be.”

In Australia, access to firearms is highly restricted. Individuals must obtain a firearm license and provide a reason for owning a firearm, such as recreational shooting, pest control, or participation in organized sport shooting. Self-defense is generally not considered a valid reason. In the United States, however, gun ownership is protected as a constitutional right under the Second Amendment.

Obama’s statements reflect a disregard for the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, warning that confiscation measures could infringe upon individual freedoms and potentially leave Americans vulnerable to criminals. With America’s unique history and cultural surroundings, the US cannot be simply compared to other nations on the issue.




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