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Shocking: Bidens Approval-FAILING!

Shocking: Bidens Approval-FAILING!
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The honeymoon appears to be over for Joe Biden, His Fraudelency, whose approval rating in the latest Quinnipiac pole is just 49 percent.

His Fraudulency’s disapproval rating is 36 percent.

Quinnipiac is a left-wing pollster, one of the most unreliable and rigged pollsters in America. It is worth passing alone if Quinnipiac is showing China Joe at only 49 percent.

Check out the underlying numbers if you want to know how rigged this poll is…

On the issues, this pole says big majority approval for Biden’s left-wing policies…

Americans approval on his handling of the response to the coronavirus, 61-29 percent.

As for Biden’s personal traits, Americans say:

  • 60 – 36 percent that he cares about average Americans;
  • 58 – 36 percent that he is level headed;
  • 54 – 39 percent that he has good leadership skills;
  • 53 – 39 percent that he is honest.

“Nearly 7 in 10 Americans support the Biden administration’s proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus relief bill in response to the coronavirus pandemic,” the poll found, “as 68 percent say they support it and 24 percent oppose it.”

Even though Global Warning is a hoax, a whopping 63 percent support Biden returning to the Paris Accords, approval for Biden halting the border wall construction is 56 percent, 65 percent say they want illegal aliens to remain in the country and apply for U.S. citizenship, and Biden ending President Trump’s ban on countries that support terrorist 57 percent are happy with this.

After the squeaky close presidential election we just hade does anyone honestly believe this?

Nothing makes sense with these rigged polls, but as you can see, Quinnipiac wants to make it clear that left-wing ideas are INSANELY popular with the American people, even with same-sex marriages in California, they almost always lose at the actual ballot box.

Quinnipiac surveyed 1,075 U.S. adults nationwide between January 28 and February 1 with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points.

The whole system is rigged.

It’s all rigged.


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