MUST SEE: Joe Biden Warns of ‘Largest Invasion Since World War II’ – The Troops Are Coming

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(breitbart) – President Joe Biden warned the world Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin could invade Ukraine, which would be the largest global invasion since World War II.

“This would be the largest — if he were to move in with all those forces, it’d be the largest invasion since World War Two,” he said. “It would change the world.”

The president said that Putin could invade the entire country of Ukraine and said the United States would likely send troops to Europe as tensions escalate.

Biden put 8,500 troops on high alert on Monday to prepare for deployments in Europe.

“I may be moving some of those troops in the nearer term, just because it takes time,” he said, noting he felt “obligated” to do so because of the “sacred” NATO alliance.

But Biden said he would not deploy troops into Ukraine.

“We have no intentions of putting U.S. forces in Ukraine he said,” adding afterward “there is not going to be any American forces moving into Ukraine.”

When asked if he would escalate tensions with Putin by personally sanctioning him, Biden replied, “Yes. He would receive that.”

The president said he was unclear whether or not Putin would escalate the crisis by invading the entire country of Ukraine or just a portion of it.

“You know, I’ll be completely honest with you. It’s a little bit like reading tea leaves,” he said

He warned of “enormous consequences” that would have a “worldwide” impact if Putin invaded.

“It all comes down to his decision,” he said.


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