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BREAKING: Uvalde Gunman Facebook Posts Revealed

BREAKING: Uvalde Gunman Facebook Posts Revealed
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(breitbart) – During a Wednesday press conference Gov. Greg Abbott (R) indicated that alleged Uvalde attacker Salvador Ramos made three Facebook posts 30 minutes before opening fire on Robb Elementary School.

FOX News reports Anders Hagstrom tweeted Abbott’s description of the three posts:

During the press conference, Abbott said, “The first thing that happened was, the gunman shot his grandmother in the face. She then contacted police.”

The New York Post pointed to a Newsy report that indicating Ramos allegedly “got into an argument with his grandmother,” then shot her and went to the school.

Uvalde resident Eduardo Trinidad told Newsy, “He got into an argument with the grandmother and she was screaming, ‘He shot me! He shot me!’”



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