Home Uncategorized BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Drops BOMBSHELL – Kamala’s Favorite Mob BLM…

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Drops BOMBSHELL – Kamala’s Favorite Mob BLM…

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Drops BOMBSHELL – Kamala’s Favorite Mob BLM…
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(trendingpoliticsnews) – On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson tore into Democrats over their hypocrisy when it comes to political violence. The Fox News host showed how more police officers were actually injured during the 2020 George Floyd riots, but Democrats conveniently never mention those facts.

Carlson began by laying the groundwork for the left’s claim that January 6th was the “worst thing” to happen to America since the Civil War.

“So how many were assaulted?,” Carlson asked, referring to January 6th. “Well Garland said over a hundred. The Government Accountability Office says the number is 114 and we’re just gonna roll with that. We don’t know if it’s true but we’ll take it at face value. And that is bad. We are opposed to assaulting police officers in any context. We said that on January 6th, 2021. We’ll say it again, we’re against that. But is January 6th the worst assault on the US government since the Civil War? That’s insane. It’s not even close. How about March of 1954, when Puerto Rican separatists shot five congressmen in the Capitol building? Five members of Congress shot in the building!” Tucker said.


“More recently, this is an event we all remember, Antifa descended on Washington, D.C. to force the sitting president from office. And while they were there, they set a historic Christian church on fire, St. John’s, in Lafayette Square. Do you remember that? You should, because it happened Labor Day weekend less than three years ago. And when it happened, the left-wing mayor of Washington, D.C., refused to allow her police department, the MPD, to assist Secret Service agents while they were under seizure and getting beaten. No, she made her cops stand back and watch it happen. And they were very upset about it at the time. They had forgotten that,” he added.

“According to a recently released GAO report last month, during those attacks, the 2020 attack on the White House by left-wing mobs, who were quoting, federal protective services, the Secret Service and the Park Police reported that at least 180 officers were injured during the demonstrations, including concussions, lacerations, exposure to chemical gas and severe burning. So while stipulating that all riots are bad, because precision matters, facts matter, the truth matters, here’s the truth. More cops were injured by Kamala Harris’s favorite mob, BLM, at the White House than were injured by Trump voters at the Capitol on January 6th. A lot more. So again, to be clear, both events are bad, but here’s the key. We only remember one of them. Why? Because the people in charge of history are liars,” Tucker said.



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