Home Uncategorized BREAKING: New Raid Report Has Trump Smiling – FBI Move Backfires

BREAKING: New Raid Report Has Trump Smiling – FBI Move Backfires

BREAKING: New Raid Report Has Trump Smiling – FBI Move Backfires
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(breitbart) – Former President Donald Trump and his Trump Media & Technology Group reportedly enjoyed a 550 percent increase in downloads of the Truth Social app in the week following the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago.

The Daily Mail reports that former President Donald Trump’s social media app Truth Social saw a huge 550 percent increase in downloads in the week following the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence earlier this month. Data AI reported that the Truth Social platform has been downloaded approximately 3 million times since its launch.

The app topped the Apple App Store charts in April after a number of technical difficulties with the platform had been resolved. However, despite the major increase in downloads, the app is still dwarfed by social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

On Truth Social, President Trump boasts 3.9 million followers, far less than the 80 million followers he used to have on Twitter. Truth Social saw approximately 2 million downloads in the first two weeks after its launch on February 21, 2022, but due to technical issues including a long wait time to access the site, the app’s download rate quickly fell off. Downloads increased in late April when users on waiting lists to access the app were approved to join the platform.

Following his ban from most major social media platforms, President Trump exclusively posts to Truth Social now. His began posting to the platform in earnest in late April, as reported by Breitbart News:

Trump’s post, or “Truth” was accompanied by a photo of him at Mar-a-Lago typing on his phone.

Trump posts on Truth Social.

It is the second post since his first post two months ago on Truth Social, which said, “Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!”

Trump supporters and critics alike had wondered when Trump would post next on Truth Social, which was created by his own company Trump Media & Technology Group.



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