Home Uncategorized BREAKING: Democrats Get Humiliating News After Trump Raid – BOOM

BREAKING: Democrats Get Humiliating News After Trump Raid – BOOM

BREAKING: Democrats Get Humiliating News After Trump Raid – BOOM
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(breitbart) – Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) told FNC host Laura Ingraham one of the unintended consequences of Monday’s FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Palm Beach, FL was a unifying of support of Republican support.

Banks told Ingraham he anticipated a massive turnout in the November election by those who oppose the FBI’s actions.

“I think if anything, the raid unifies Republicans in the outrage,” he said. “And we’re all hearing it from constituents in our districts. I’m hearing it from every Republican colleague in the House that I’ve talked to today. And I’ve talked to dozens of them today about what happened last night.”
“It unifies us in our outrage to fight back,” Banks continued. “And if anything, it paves the way for Donald Trump to unify the party once again and run for president. I really believe if he gets out and hits the campaign trail, he’s going to fire up Republicans and non-traditional Republicans to come out to the polls in November to fight back against the corruption of this administration, what they’ve done to tear America apart, to weaponize the Department of Justice in such an un-American way, to go after the political – the chief and primary political opponent of the current president of the United States is something we’ve never seen before in American history.”

“And that outrage is going to lead to a massive turnout of Americans who are going to say, we’re not going to take it anymore,” he added. “We’re going to take back our country from Joe Biden, the radical Democrats, and those who would abuse their power in such a way.”



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