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BREAKING: Top Democrat Speaker Get Worst News Possible

BREAKING: Top Democrat Speaker Get Worst News Possible
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Georgia’s State Election Board calling on an investigation of Stacey Abram’s New Georgia Project is applauded by a coalition of conservatives.

“Grassroots conservatives across Georgia – and the nation – are calling for a full investigation into Stacey Abrams and her shady network of George Soros funded political groups,” Stop StaceySenior Strategist Jeremy Brand said in a statement. “It’s time to reveal their efforts to undermine election integrity and hold them accountable for their questionable behavior.”

The group launched a petition by the group “demanding accountability for Shady Stacey Abrams and her voter registration group.”

The press release providing background about the group’s effort announced:

The New Georgia Project is no stranger to controversy. In 2018, the organization was repeatedly slapped with tax liens for failing to pay unemployment taxes. In 2020, the NGP hoarded nearly half a million dollars in PPP loans ment keep struggling small businesses afloat. And now, the NGP is under active investigation for attempting to register out-of-state voters.

According to the Stop Stacey website, “hardworking Americans” fund the group with a mission to “mobilize grassroots Americans who want to save America from radical liberal Stacy Abrams.”

The group’s mission is to “safeguard the Constitution and the America First agenda.”


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