BREAKING: Biden Refuses – He Will Not Answer

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President Joe Biden is publicly ignoring the crisis in Texas.  With millions of Americans freezing, with no power for the fourth day in a row, and at least 21 people dead.

Winter storms with freezing temperatures paralyzed power generation plants, leading to rolling blackouts across the country’s south-central part.

Biden, who campaigned on returning “empathy” to the White House, has still not spoken publicly about his presidency’s first major disaster.

Rightfully, Americans expect their presidents to voice their concerns during a disaster and show they are doing everything in their power to help in the time of need.

Biden, however, during a CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Tuesday night, made no mention of Americans in Texas and surrounding states struggling.

Upon returning to the White House, he offered sympathy for reporters waiting in the cold.

“You’re in the cold so late. It’s a hell of a job description you have,” he said to the media.

Biden, behind the scenes,  is somewhat engaged with leaders of the affected states.

The White House told Associated Press that Biden had a conference call Tuesday with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D), Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D), Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D), Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R), Mississippi Gov.Tate Reeves (R), and Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R).

President Biden said he and first lady Jill Biden were praying for their citizens.  He pledged to deploy federal emergency resources as needed, according to the White House.

Without power and the second round of winter storms expected Thursday, the crisis continues for millions of suffering Americans.

The Biden administration focuses the president’s public statements on the importance of his $1.9 trillion aid package,  fighting coronavirus and vaccinating Americans.


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